Compounding Benefits


​Mike and I are more than halfway through our 4th month of GRIT. We’ve done 4 consecutive months of these challenges – daily physical exercises followed by writing prompts, the results of which are shared within the private GRIT group.

We are also approaching the halfway mark of another alcohol-free period, which I like to think of as: 4 Weeks of Love for Your Liver.

I’d like to say that all of this has resulted in a bikini body, but that’s not the case. I’m actually okay with that. I’ve built muscle, endurance, and trimmed *some* fat.

But the biggest benefit to focusing on my physical health is, hands down, the benefit to my mental and emotional health.

Exercising in the morning sets the rest of the day up to be both positive and productive.

Taking a break (at least a few weeks) from unhealthy products, whether that’s alcohol and/or sugar and/or processed foods, is liberating and rejuvenating.

Better sleep, more energy, greater clarity – all of these are gifts which we are capable of giving ourselves.

Everyone knows I’m no health nut. I’m not an exercise fanatic. But by making a few small changes here and there, I can engineer my physical health in a way that benefits my mental and emotional health, as well. It’s a win/win… win… win. (That’s 4 wins: physical, mental, emotional, and I threw in a 4th for the money you save when you take a break from alcohol and/or crap food).

The biggest struggle I see in those around me is the fight for time. We can’t buy more of it. It’s relentless in its passing. We all want more, feel we need more, but we can’t GET more.

The beauty in doing something good for your overall health is that it takes little to no time. Giving up alcohol allows you to make more of the time you have. GRIT workouts take as little as 12 minutes.

Being good to yourself feels good. It also negates any guilt you might otherwise feel when you choose to splurge. Work hard. Play hard.

Here’s to your health.

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