Our Experience With The GRIT Challenge


Amanda and I are in the middle of our 5th month of doing GRIT, which is prescribed daily workouts that differ each day of the week. When we first started them, we didn’t think our bodies would be able to handle everyday workouts, and we were super worried about the time commitment.

But here we are, still doing daily GRIT workouts, and the transformation of what bodies can do now compared with what we could do when we started is shocking. 

There is a time commitment to doing GRIT, (typically 15-35 minutes), but far less than going to exercise classes or a gym, because we do everything from our home. When there is a running day, we typically jog around the neighborhood. 

But the most significant difference between GRIT and other exercise programs is the community built within it. You get assigned to a team, and you have to report to them and the entire group each day of how your workout went, as well as some additional context based on a daily prompt/affirmation.

What happens in these conditions is that you get to see and witness the full scope of the pain, hardship, grit, transformation, and triumph from your team members and the entire group doing the challenge.

You see the perspective of people in their 60’s and 70’s of why they are doing this and how they inspire others. And those who have battled their weight for years put in the work, day after day, and for the first time in years are not only losing weight but seeing their confidence soaring.

When you report to a team each day, they see the good, bad, and the ugly because we all have tough days. Sometimes our bodies are stiff and sore and don’t want to move, some days we are just so exhausted from the daily drama of work, and other days you see people struggling with the relationships within their home. Despite all that, they still get their workout done because the team is relying on them, and they made a commitment to themselves to get through the challenge.

GRIT has the highest accountability metrics I’ve ever seen for an exercise regime. Because if you fail to report in full each day, you are booted from the challenge until the next month. Seriously. There are no excuses.

We’ve had people on vacation in Bali doing their workouts each day on the beach and in airports on their way back. 

In the first month, we lost only two people out of 60, which probably is the most shocking part. The extreme accountability and team support helped so many people get through it.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th month was the same. Nearly everyone made it through this tough challenge while maintaining their busy lives. Just when you think you have it tough, you see someone in the challenge experiencing something much worse. We get through the challenge together.

This is why I believe the GRIT challenge will continue to grow. It’s near impossible to find this level of overall improvement across a group of people. I’m very excited to be a part of this new movement.

If you want in on next month’s challenge, fill out the form on this website: https://BusinessofUs.com/go/GRIT

I can’t tell you what the daily workouts will be. They change every month. I can only tell you it won’t be easy. There are modifications for just about every fitness level and condition. But even with those modifications, expect it to be hard. 

Reach out to me if you have any questions. 

If you keep thinking about it, you might never do it. Just rip the band-aid off and commit to investing in yourself right now. Sign up with the rest of the GRIT community and me right now before you talk yourself out it. 


Cheers to doing hard things that make us better.

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